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Black Gold Loose
  • Black Gold Loose

Black Diamond Black Gold Loose

Black Diamond's Black Gold Loose magnesium powder is one of the best magnesium on the market thanks to its 10% Pure Gold Chalk (Upsalite), an added component, extremely porous, that absorbs up to 50% more moisture in the skin. and the rock.


The Black Gold Loose from Black Diamond is a magnesium that you can buy in packs of 100, 200 and 300 grams and with which you will no longer be able to make excuses when you do not stay on a hold, whether it is rock or resin.

This magnesium is based on 90% of the famous White Gold Chalk of the American brand to which they have added 10% of upsalite, a very porous compound with the extreme capacity to absorb moisture from the skin or from the rock itself so that the touch is brutal. Nothing the same.