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Mantle III + Sit Start II
  • Mantle III + Sit Start II

Edelrid Mantle III + Sit Start II

Edelrid's Mantle III crashpad is the most versatile in the range, now together with the Sit Start II so you don't leave a hole unprotected

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The Edelrid Mantle III crashpad has a thickness of 10 cm and a sandwich construction that uses 4 densities of foam offering a uniform surface to land on. The outer fabric is made of extra-resistant ballistic Nylon with a water-repellent treatment.

The Mantle is divided into 2 parts that can be joined by zippers both lengthwise and widthwise, being able to change its measurements and structure depending on our needs: long measurement 220 x 60 cm; wide measure 120 x 110 cm.

This block mat, the Mantle model, is also equipped with a mat to clean the climbing shoes before starting so that you do not fail in the good hit due to dirt or dirt at the foot of the block.

Now we also add the Sit Start II minicrashpad so you can protect gaps or make tackles sitting more comfortably