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Edelrid ACE Harness
  • Edelrid ACE Harness

Edelrid Ace

Edelrid's ACE harness for sport climbing is one of the most advanced harnesses on the market, designed for experienced climbers looking for lightness and high performance without losing comfort.


Edelrid's ACE model is manufactured with 3D-Vent Lite technology, which makes the HDPE straps that make up the harness capable of distributing the weight of the climber and the force of a fall more comfortably and also facilitate perfect ventilation. .

It has a 15mm buckle closure that is very easy to use and totally safe, which allows you to adjust or release it even if you get off the track with your forearms completely banged up ;)

It also has 4 rigid material holders strategically placed to facilitate access to quickdraws whatever the position in which you have to plate.

In summary:

  • Weight: 267g
  • Material holders: 4
  • Construction: 3D-Vent Lite

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