IO Nature 9.4mm 60m
  • IO Nature 9.4mm 60m
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Fixe IO Nature 9.4mm 60m

The IO Nature rope by Fixe is designed for very demanding climbers who are looking for a very light rope with high performance in terms of durability and ease of handling. 60 meter version

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The IO Nature rope by Fixe offers the best performance you can find in its diameter.
A 9.4mm rope with ENDURANCE treatment to take the durability of this rope to the extreme, and NATURE treatment, which guarantees respect for the environment throughout the manufacturing process.

With a diameter of 9.4mm, the climbs of the longest and hardest projects will be a little lighter since with its 65 grams per meter the plates will offer less resistance.

The ENDURANCE construction means that the type of knit with which the shirt is made prevents the entry of dust, ice and dirt to a greater extent, which will significantly improve the durability and performance of this fantastic rope.

  • Number of falls it supports: 7
  • Shock force: 799 daN
  • Elongation 34% Maximum elongation
  • Weight per meter: 65g
  • Sleeve slip: 0mm

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