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Pamo Stick Regular

The Pamo Stick Regular brush is designed for bouldering and allows you to clean edges wherever they are thanks to its telescopic arm of up to 2.6 meters and its adjustable head. A must

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If yours is the block and you are looking for a brush to be able to clean the highest edges, that is not heavy and that is capable of cleaning from a blunt in Fontainebleau to a strip in Albarracín, look no further, this is your brush.

It has a 300-degree adjustable head that will allow you to press on the rock regardless of its inclination, in addition to its aluminum body that makes its weight and robustness unbeatable. In addition, the bristles of the brush are natural, so there will be no magnesium that resists it, regardless of the type of rock.

Measurements: 2.6 meters unfolded / 1.2 meters folded