Topo Guidebook Siurana 2023
  • Topo Guidebook Siurana 2023

Topo Guidebook Siurana 2023

New Siurana climbing guidebook, Tarragona (Spain) has more than 350 pages and with more than 2000 routes from all sectors reproduced in very detailed watercolors


This new 2023 edition updates the old climbing guide from Siurana, with more than 350 pages and more than 2000 routes you will be able to move through all sectors of Siurana without problem, which includes tips and recommendations for visiting the school in a camper, van or motorhome. , access indications, information of interest... and everything you need to get around Siurana and the entire region like a local.

You can find reviews and Toposes of all sectors, organized by quadrants or areas in relation to their proximity to make it easier for you to organize your climbing day.

Topos from SIURANA


Topos of L'Herbolari

Topos of El Dau

Topos of The Solarium

Topos of La Covassa

Topos of Recingle del Marmoset

Topos of Siuranella Sud

Topos of Siuranella Center


Topos of the Kik Sector

Siuranella East Topos

Négociée Topos

Topos of Fontscaldes

Topos of L'Olla

Topos of El Pati

Topos of El Cargol

Topos of Esperó Primaveta

Topos of Belbedere de l'Esp. Spring

Topos of La Viserilla

Topos of Totxo del Marro

Topos of A prop by Can A Prop

Can A Prop Topos

Topos of La Cassoleta

Topos of Ca l'Istro

Topos of Cingle del Pelegrí

Topos of La Capella

Topos of Totxo Frankenstein

Topos of L´Aparador

Topos of Can Codolar

Topos of Ca l'Onassis

Topos of Can Pepo

Topos of Barranc de l´Estopinyà


Indian Reserve Topos

Topos of Els Portals / Can Ciriac

Topos of the Prior's Era

Topos of Tonífícate Tossal del Prior

Topos of the Winery

Topos of Les Canaletes

Topos of Can Famal

Totxo's Topos of the hanged man / Fuck it

Bruixa Train Topos

Frankenbolo Topos

Topos of Can Perdut

Topos of Can Pistraks

Topos of 2 Badges / El Moro

Topos of Can Telafoto

Topos of Melafots

Topos of Ca la Isabel

Topos of Can Bourdel

Gold Office Topos

Topos of La Trona

Topos of Salt de la Reina Mora

Topos of Can Toni Gros

Topos of Totxo del Jipi / Can weekned

Mr. Pin Topos

Topos of Can Rebotat

Topos of Can Rebotós / Can Fácil

Topos of Can Gans Dionis

Topos of Ca la Boja

Topos of CanPiqui Pugui

Topos of Can Parasit

Topos of La Planxa


Topos of Ca l'Orro

GT Topos / Drac's Ball

Topos of Z Strip / Totxo Abu Graib

Topos Can Guiri


Truño Operation Topos

Topos G of the Masets de Baix

Croquis G dels Masets Cami

Topos G of the Masets Esquerre

Topos El Corralet

Topos The Corral Nou Camí

Topos of the Corral Nou

Topos El Ditot

Topos Ca l´Acorrat

Topos Can Somera

Topos Can Maquis