Mondo Chalk Pot Blue
  • Mondo Chalk Pot Blue

Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot Blue

The Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot bouldering pot is one of the most fanatic potters.
You will notice that it is designed by climbers because not a single detail is missing

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The Boulder Mondo Chalk Pot Magnesera by Black Diamond is a model made of nylon on which they have put all the experience of the American brand to achieve a magnesera aimed at the most demanding and fanatical boulderers.

With a wide base to prevent it from tipping over and a magnetic closure to prevent chalk from falling out of the bag, this model is preferred by most bouldering climbers.
It has a pocket with zipper closure where you can store keys, file, tape or whatever you need. You can also close it with the classic Roll Up system of this type of magneseras

It has perfect dimensions so that you never miss magnesium in your sessions no matter how long they are

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