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Mondo Chalk Pot Garnet
  • Mondo Chalk Pot Garnet
  • Mondo Chalk Pot Garnet
  • Mondo Chalk Pot Garnet

Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot Garnet

The Black Diamond Red Mondo Chalk Pot bouldering pot is thought out down to the last detail.
The bouldering magnesera of the very fanatical.


High-capacity magnesium bucket that offers a wide base to prevent unexpected tipping that causes magnesium to be lost.
It has a magnetic closure with 3 magnets to keep it always closed until you need to apply magnesium, it's that easy. You can also close it at the end of each session with its Rollover system with which you will not lose a single gram of magnesium in your backpack
Of course, you will have a toothbrush holder and a zippered pocket for your keys, mobile phone or any accessory you need.