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Black Diamond Mondo

The new improved BlackDiamond Mondo crashpad is the bouldering mat par excellence if you are looking for protection and softness in a fall.
One of the largest with its 12 cm thickness and some of the best foams on the market. A super class

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The BlackDiamond Mondo is a fully guaranteed crashpad, which has managed to evolve both in design and performance in its constant updates by Black Diamond, being one of the most valued bouldering mats by many of the best climbers in the world. .

The new model incorporates closed-cell multi-density foams in the upper part and another high-compression foam in the lower part, which manage to offer unmatched impact absorption on the market. Seriously, you won't find another crashpad like the Mondo.

The outer fabric of the Mondo is made of 100% high-resistance Ristop polyester and reinforced in the corners, precisely where the crashpads suffer the most wear.

Its carrying system, shoulder pads and waist, have also been improved in this latest model to make it more comfortable to carry even if you carry another mat on the world.

It has padded shoulder pads, just like the lumbar belt. In addition, you can keep these while climbing to avoid snagging and friction when you need to move it to protect a companion.

It has new handles to move it more easily between blocks, and incorporates Black Diamond's multi-pad transport system with which you can carry 2 or more crahspad directly on the Mondo.
The closing buckles are metal, to together achieve a Premium crashpad with maximum performance

Other features

  • Weight: 7,230 Kg
  • Open measurements: 153 x 121 x 12 cm
  • Shoulder pads: Yes
  • Carrying handles: Yes