Mammut Crashian Crashpad for bouldering
  • Mammut Crashian Crashpad for bouldering
  • Mammut Crashian Crashpad for bouldering

Mammut Crashiano

Mammut's Crashiano crashpad is a beast among large bouldering mats thanks above all to the quality of its foams.

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The Crashiano features 2 layers of high-quality Swiss-made foam that gives you excellent cushioning performance from high to low blocks, achieving great balance so it's not too hard on short falls or soft when you land from higher up.

The interior of this crashpad is made up of 2 different layers of foam. The first is a continuous foam throughout the entire mat to offer the best protection even if the impact is on the crease of the crash pad and also prevent it from closing on impact. The Mammut range of crashpads are the only ones that offer this design that will avoid more than one scare if not some injury

It has padded shoulder straps and side handles to carry it more comfortably and an integrated mat in the shape of the Mammut logo to clean the sole of your climbing shoes before you start climbing.

Weight: 9,100 Kg