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SanPower Ingravido

San Power's INGRAVIDO climbing training board made of wood is designed to train finger strength on rails without punishing the skin


The INGRAVIDO climbing board from San Power is made of castallo wood and designed to optimally work the strength of the fingers through suspensions.
The Ingravido will allow you to train without fear of your skin suffering as with resin boards, allowing you to do training sessions adjusted to the effort and not to the wear of the skin.

This climbing training board has a collapsed profile to improve the ergonomics of the rails and avoid rubbing with the bottom of the board.

You will have 40mm, 30mm, 20mm, 15mm and 9mm strips, as well as bidets of less than 20mm

In addition, the table is accompanied by 2 stops also made of wood so that you can adjust the depth of the strips and you can vary the training just to your measure.

Measurements: 52 cm wide - 15 cm high - Weight: 2.5 Kg