Spinchboard Solo
  • Spinchboard Solo
  • Spinchboard Solo

Maxclimbing Spinchboard Solo

The Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo Training Climbing Board is a perfect solution for those who want to train finger strength and even endurance.

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This board will allow you to train anywhere whether you are an experienced climber or just starting out on rock climbing. You will have the possibility to train everything from finger strength thanks to the 4 levels of bars to blunt suspension and of course the pull-ups.

It also presents the option of placing a coordinate or elastic band on both sides of the board to subtract weight and be able to do a more specific and complete job.

With the Spinchboard you can:

  • Switch from Hard to Soft mode easily and simply
  • Work with 4 levels of blunts
  • Train with 4 levels of rulers

The pack includes the Spinchboard Solo table and the necessary screws for its placement on the panel

Measurements: 66x12 cm
Material: Polyurethane