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Bulletproof Set 12cm
  • Bulletproof Set 12cm
  • Bulletproof Set 12cm

Edelrid Bulletproof Set 12cm

Edelrid's Bulletproof quickdraw is one of the most resistant slings on the market thanks to its aluminum construction and steel reinforcement that prevents the rope carabiner from wearing out.

€25.00 OLD PRICE €36.95 DTO. €11.95

If you need a hard sling for the key step or if you climb toprope or make intensive use of quickdraws, the Edelrid Bulletproof is the perfect sling.
With the Bulletproof carabiner you will be able to fly hundreds of times and it will continue as the first day thanks to its steel reinforcement.

Longitudinal resistance: 27 kN
Transverse resistance: 10 kN
Resistance with open trigger: 8 kN
Strap material: 15 mm polyamide Misc: straight/bent Recommended use: Mountaineering; Sport climbing; Trad climbing Trigger opening : 22mm
Length: 12cm
Weight: 118g
Extra: Steel reinforcement on the carabiner of the rope. Close KeyLock ; Rope carabiner anti-twist system