Black Diamond HotForge Quickdraw 12cm
  • Black Diamond HotForge Quickdraw 12cm

Black Diamond HotForge 12cm

Black Diamond 12cm Hotforge sling with high performance HotForge carabiners. Soft trigger and very comfortable to plate. Highly durable quickdraws for both extreme and beginner climbing

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HotForge carabiners are forged at high temperatures which makes the carabiners very high strength and performance.

With a studied design, Black Diamond makes these carabiners work with a perfect plate-rope axis, thanks to its curvature

  • Weight: 618g (pack of 6 tapes)
  • Resistance with closed trigger: 24 kN
  • Resistance with open trigger: 8 kN
  • Minor axis force: 8 kN
  • Trigger opening : [top] 22mm
  • [Bottom] 24mm