Hotwire QuickPack Quickdraws 12cm Black Diamond
  • Hotwire QuickPack Quickdraws 12cm Black Diamond

Black Diamond Hotwire QuickPack 12cm

Pack of 6 Black Diamond 12cm Hotwire Quickpack quickdraws with wire gate on the 2 carabiners for a very light set

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The Hotwire slings in this pack are an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight sling for alpine or sport climbing.

Hotwire carabiners get their name from the hot manufacturing process, which gives them very good strength.
They are designed with optimal geometry to improve aspects such as the plate-carabiner-rope traction axis and to achieve an even wider opening that facilitates the task of plating and stripping.

Both carabiners have an anodized finish that makes the rope slide better on its surface as well as protect it against corrosion


  • Ribbons: 12cm x 18mm.
  • Carabiner resistance: 24 KN, 8 KN, 8 KN
  • Opening: 27mm
  • CE and UIAA approved.
  • Weight per ribbon: 100 g.
  • Pack weight: 600 g.