Quickdraw Fixe Wide Montgrony
  • Quickdraw Fixe Wide Montgrony

Fixe Pack Wide Montgrony 24cm

The pack of 4 Wide Montgrony quickdraws from Fixe is a 25mm polyester tape to improve its resistance and manageability with Montgrony carabiners that facilitate clipping thanks to the softness of its trigger

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Fixe quickdraws are very resistant tapes that offer high resistance to wear. Without a doubt, an excellent option for both beginner and advanced climbers.
CE approval

  • Longitudinal resistance23 kN.
  • Transversal resistance7 kN.
  • Opening resistance 7 kN.
  • Opening 20mm.
  • Closure typeStraight (straight) and Bent (curved).
  • Tape width 17 mm.
  • Ribbon length 21 cm.
  • Belt resistance 22 kN.
  • Joint weight 94 g (21 cm)