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Rainbow 9.6mm 60m
  • Rainbow 9.6mm 60m
  • Rainbow 9.6mm 60m
  • Rainbow

Fixe Rainbow 9.6mm 60m

The Fixe Rainbow rope is a tribute to the rope manufactured in 1991 by the Roca brand. With 9.6mm and 60 meters it will be an ideal companion for both extreme routes and less advanced climbers.

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The new Rainbow rope by Fixe has the essence of that 90's rope that it honors, but with the best technical and material developments of the Spanish brand.

This string is hand-dyed, no two strings are the same, and it comes with a fully waterproofed sheath and core to improve performance and maintain the color that makes it unmistakable.

The ENDURANCE technology with which this rope is made prevents dirt, dust and even ice from becoming embedded between its fibers, achieving a more resistant rope that will last longer than conventional ropes.
It is also endorsed by the Fixe NATURE seal, which certifies respect for the environment throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Number of falls it supports: 9
  • Shock force: 810 daN
  • Elongation 34% Maximum elongation
  • Weight per meter: 65g
  • Sleeve slip: 0mm