Nargó 9.6mm 80m
  • Nargó 9.6mm 80m
  • Nargó 9.6mm 80m
  • Nargó 9.6mm 80m

Fixe Nargó 9.6mm 80m

The 80-meter Fixe Nargó 9.6mm rope is perfect for climbers looking for lightness and a rope that is easy to handle and very comfortable to use with belay devices. Made with 48 threads

€189.97 OLD PRICE €220.00 DTO. €30.03

The Fixe Nargó 9.6mm rope is a rope that incorporates some patented innovations from the Fixe brand such as the safety alert marking 8 meters before the end of each rope, a reflector at each end of the rope to be able to locate it more quickly when daylight begins to go down and ultrasonic cutting, which prevents the sliding of the shirt from displacing the core.

With its 9.6mm diameter, the Nargó is a very balanced rope in weight and performance, with an easy-to-use feel both during belaying and when plating quickdraws.

This rope is made with 48 threads , above the standard of 40 threads used by most ropes on the market, offering better durability data.

Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 57g/m
  • Length: 80m
  • Diameter: 9.6mm
  • Cover percentage: 38%
  • Number of UIAA falls: 5
  • Shock force: 8.4 kN
  • Sleeve slip: 0mm
  • Dynamic elongation: 37%
  • Static elongation 80kg: 7%
  • Regulations that comply with: CE0082 EN892 UIAA101


  • Middle Marc: Marking the middle of the rope with an unequivocal black sign that indicates that the middle of the rope is being crossed while belaying, or that serves as a reference when setting up a rappel.
  • 8 Mark: Fixe's patent that uses a mark on both ends of the rope to indicate that there are only 8 meters left before the rope runs out. A simple but very effective system to avoid accidents and confusion both in getting off the lead and in rappelling.
  • Reflector: This rope has 1 reflector at each end to be able to identify the ropes more quickly when light conditions are very low. It is very useful if you are one of the climbers who spends the daylight hours, as it speeds up the folding and storage of the rope. Essential for night rappelling
  • Ultrasonic Cut: This rope features ultrasonic cut ends instead of the usual thermal cut in most ropes on the market. This ensures that the fibers of the core of the rope and the sheath are welded and prevents the sheath from slipping at the ends.

NATURE treatment.

This rope is manufactured under the Nature concept of the Fixe brand, it is present in models that do not have additional water-repellent treatments, neither in the cover (Dry treatment) nor in the core of the rope (Full Dry).

Classic+ construction

The Classic+ system is a simpler manufacturing method, but it uses 48 threads instead of the 40 common in most competitive ropes. This makes this rope have less friction with the belay device, quickdraws and even the rock, making the rope more manageable, flexible and comfortable.