Rocco 10mm 50m
  • Rocco 10mm 50m
  • Rocco 10mm 50m
  • Rocco 10mm 50m

Fixe Rocco 10mm 50m

The 10mm, 50 meter Rocco rope is a robust and durable rope for climbing in climbing walls or intensive activities.

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  • Brand: Fixe
  • Rope type: Single rope
  • Diameter: 10 mm
  • Weight: 67g/meter
  • Dynamic elongation: 26%
  • Static elongation with 80 kg: 9.1%
  • Sleeve slip: 0%
  • Shock force: 7.8 kN
  • Number of UIAA falls: 7
  • Rope sheath percentage: 34%
  • Middle Mark: Yes, Middle Mark
  • Construction: ENDURANCE
  • Treatment: No additional treatments
  • Certification: CE0082 EN892 UIAA101


  • Middle Marc: Marking the middle of the rope with an unequivocal black sign that indicates that the middle of the rope is being crossed while belaying, or that serves as a reference when setting up a rappel.
  • 8 Mark: Fixe's patent that uses a mark on both ends of the rope to indicate that there are only 8 meters left before the rope runs out. A simple but very effective system to avoid accidents and confusion both in getting off the lead and in rappelling.
  • Reflector: This rope has 1 reflector at each end to be able to identify the ropes more quickly when light conditions are very low. It is very useful if you are one of the climbers who spends the daylight hours, as it speeds up the folding and storage of the rope. Essential for night rappelling
  • Ultrasonic Cut: This rope features ultrasonic cut ends instead of the usual thermal cut in most ropes on the market. This ensures that the fibers of the core of the rope and the sheath are welded and prevents the sheath from slipping at the ends.

NATURE treatment.

This rope is manufactured under the Nature concept of the Fixe brand, it is present in models that do not have additional water-repellent treatments, neither in the cover (Dry treatment) nor in the core of the rope (Full Dry).

ENDURANCE construction

Fixe has developed a manufacturing system called ENDURANCE, which achieves durability performance of more than 30% of the useful life of the rope in relation to ropes that are not manufactured under this new system. Using 48 threads, instead of the usual 40 on the market, they achieve more durable ropes, with less friction and excellent manageability and flexibility.


Fixe has patented the FUSION system that incorporates this rope. This system joins the rope sheath with the core, achieving a more uniform assembly and preventing the shirt from slipping with use. This way the rope will be more uniform and will maintain its performance for much longer.