Climbing rod for plating Pin Go 2
  • Climbing rod for plating Pin Go 2
  • Climbing rod for plating Pin Go 2
  • Climbing rod for plating Pin Go 2
  • Climbing rod for plating Pin Go 2

PinGo Pin Go! II

The Pin Go! 2 is an ultra-light and minimalist rod for clipping plates in sport climbing, with a design that has been thought through down to the last detail with a folded length of 52 cm and a maximum of 250 cm and a total weight of 220 gr.

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The Pin Go! 2 is the evolution of the first model of the brand and completely changes the concept of the pole in sport climbing, resulting in an essential accessory to carry the rope on the first plates and avoid accidents, or to set up a route and give it the definitive hit without spend energy putting the quickdraws.

With a length of up to 250 cm and just over 200 grams, you can carry it inside your backpack without practically taking up space or hanging from a harness without you noticing while you progress on the route. It is also compatible with most quickdraw carabiners on the market.

The studied design allows not only to pass the carabiner through the plate, but you can pass the rope through already placed tapes or retrieve the rope just before it comes out of the quickdraw.

This second version of the PinGo! It features a telescoping fiberglass handle and unique geometry. Pin Go! It is ergonomically designed and based on biomechanical aspects that allow the quickdraw carabiner to be passed through the plate without hardly turning the elbow or shoulder as happens with other rods on the market, making the task fast, safe and very comfortable. .

In addition, its elastic is replaceable (included), so you have the guarantee of having a cane for a long time.

Includes instruction manual

Weight: 220g
Length: 52 - 250 cm
Type: Telescopic

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