Magnesium Crunchy 3L 400gr of 8cplus
  • Magnesium Crunchy 3L 400gr of 8cplus

8c Plus Crunchy 3L 400gr

8cplus Crunchy chalk 3L is specially formulated to adhere to the skin and maintain a better touch throughout the climb.
Pack of 400 gr with which you will have magnesium for a long time

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Crunchy 3L magnesium from the 8CPlus brand is presented in small blocks of magnesium that facilitate its application and save magnesium since practically all the powder adheres to the skin, avoiding a high consumption of magnesium that falls off.
This property makes it especially valued in climbing halls and climbing walls.

Type: Blister
Quantity: 400g
Format: Crunchy