Wood Grips Deluxe II
  • Wood Grips Deluxe II

Metolius Wood Grips Deluxe II

The Wood Grips Deluxe II climbing board is surely the most complete finger training board made of wood.
3 levels of ruler to work according to your level of climbing

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With the Wood Grips Deluxe II multi-grip board you can get the most out of suspension training sessions.
It has 3 types of strip according to its depth so that you can adjust them according to your level and you can progress without fear of injuring yourself.

You also have the possibility of training complete strip or in bidet. Of course it will also help you to train pull-ups thanks to its superior grips.

It also has a blunt surface so you can pull blunt or you can do 1-handed work and take off body weight by supporting the other on the blunt part.


Measurements: 610mm x 216mm
Size of the strips: 25, 20 and 15 mm

Includes hardware for mounting on wood panels