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Gafas para asegurar en escalada Y&Y
  • Gafas para asegurar en escalada Y&Y

Y&Y Gafas para asegurar en escalada

The Y&Y climbing belay goggles are an essential accessory for any belayer who needs extra comfort and prevents cervical overload by providing a perfect view of the first roper.


The Y&Y climbing belay goggles are recommended for climbers with some experience, as the use of this type of accessory should not distract the belayer at all.
They have a light steel frame and high quality prisms that allow perfect focus and a wide viewing angle.
We send them to you with a semi-hard protective case so that you can carry them in your backpack without worrying that they may break.

Using these goggles to secure the first roper will allow you a more natural and comfortable posture, something that you will be grateful for at the end of the day, especially if your partner is one of those who spends hours hanging trying the passage of the line. In addition, you will have your back in general and your neck in particular much more relaxed and rested for when it is your turn to give the good hit.

Whether you climb collapsed routes or plates, once you try these climbing goggles, they will become as necessary an element for you as climbing shoes or a harness.

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