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Joker DCVR Unicore 9.1mm x 50m Beal
  • Joker DCVR Unicore 9.1mm x 50m Beal

Beal Joker DCVR Unicore 9.1mm x 50m

BEAL's Joker DCVR Unicore 9.1mm 50m rope is ultralight and very comfortable to use. Perfect for very demanding climbers looking for high performance ropes for the toughest routes


Beal's Unicore JOKER rope is one of the most technologically advanced on the market, being the thinnest rope that can be used as a single, double or twin rope.
The core of this rope is constructed in such a way that it does not swell, thus facilitating its sliding through the belayer and quickdraws, and guaranteeing its performance for much longer.

If lightness is an essential condition for you, this is your rope.


  • Versatile, ultralight, ultrasliding.
  • Single rope: very high level climber.
  • Double and twin rope: versatile climber/mountaineer.
  • Diameter: 9.1mm.
  • Length: 50 -60 -70 - 80 m.
  • Weight per meter: 53 g.
  • Sheath slip: 0mm
  • Cover percentage: 35%.
  • Regulations: CE EN 892 (Simple, Double and Twin)

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