QuickdrawHotWire QuickDraw 12cm Black Diamond
  • QuickdrawHotWire QuickDraw 12cm Black Diamond

Black Diamond HotWire QuickDraw 12cm

The Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw quickdraw is a lightweight alpine or sport climbing quickdraw designed for those who need less weight and great performance.

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It has 2 Hotwire carabiners that offer a greater opening and security against micro-openings due to the vibrations of the quickdraw during climbing.

Hotwire carabiners are hot-forged and have a new geometry that provides a larger opening and optimal work on the locks and the rope, which also have an anodized treatment that allows perfect rope sliding and even greater protection against corrosion.

The Hotwire Quickdraw 12 cm mounts an 18 mm wide Polyester webbing, with a rubber ring that fixes the carabiner of the rope to prevent it from turning and allow a faster and more comfortable fastening.


  • Ribbon: 12cm x 18mm.
  • Carabiner resistance: 24 KN, 8 KN, 8 KN
  • Opening: 27mm
  • CE and UIAA approved.
  • Weight: 100g.